Tricia Van Buiten

Tricia Van Buiten


Hi, my name is Tricia Van Buiten. I'm the author of the book "More Hands to Hold". I'm so glad you are visiting my website. I hope you enjoy my book. In telling people my story I found it not only helped me through my struggles but it helped others to know they were not alone. I wanted to bring that message to more people so I wrote my book. I hope it helps you remember none of us are perfect when we're raising a family. But when there's love and forgiveness anything is possible.

More Hands to Hold

Hands to Hold

Looking at life through my lens, the reader will be taken on a ride with twists and turns that are equally as hilarious as they are horrific.
Through it all I may lose my mind. I definitely lost my way and almost let the situation ruin my marriage. But I never lost my sense of humor.
Through love and heartache, tenderness and regret, with a dash of some unbelievable situations with not so predictable results, I made it through to the other side.